Chimney Mystery

Take care to ensure that your hearth is as safe as it’s inviting before the cool, crisp days of fall make cozy evenings in front of the hearth irresistible.

That’s because cleaning and scrutinizing chimneys includes far a lot more than simply sweeping soot.

All about prepping chimney and your hearth for the winter, you should learn

How frequently should a chimney be scrutinized?

Every year. We asked chimney sweeping waterloo expert Mr. Happy Chimney and he says at least once a year. New wood-burning facilities such as fireplaces or wood-burning stoves must be assessed halfway through the very first heating season to confirm everything is functioning properly.

Cleaning must be performed as required — normally when there’s a minimum 1/8-inch of deposit in the chimney. An annual review will determine whether repairs or any sweeping are essential.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to sweep more than annually, particularly if the fuel the operator or the venting system aren’t correctly fit.

chimney sweeping

Why get a chimney inspected and cleaned in the very first place?

The combustion process deposits an acidic stuff that weakens metal or masonry chimneys, causing them to deteriorate.

Significant accumulation of creosote, a flammable material caused by incomplete combustion, may catch fire and spread to other areas of the property along with the attic.

If a chimney is used infrequently, critters and birds can accumulate and nest there, blocking the chimney. This just goes to show the importance of chimney cleanings especially when you’re not using it that often.

Rain that is driving or high winds also can damage chimn
eys. CSIA recommends that, as a general rule, a chimney ought to possess a rain cover to keep out water and critters as these will be the main reasons chimneys fail.

If you need help finding a local chimney sweeper you can use a business web app that is designed at finding your location and then all the closest businesses!